dark, stormy Sunday afternoon in January at the Applecross Inn, a group of locals were bored and decided they needed something to do…

As they looked into their pints hoping for inspiration an idea formed and Applecross Brewing Company was born.



There was only one problem. Although we had a wide range of people – boat builders, fishermen, game keepers, chefs, retired doctors and teachers, even an ice cream maker – almost the classic “butcher, baker and candlestick maker” – none of us had ever brewed beer, but surely it couldn’t be that difficult, could it?



We decided that we had to approach this venture in a modern business-like way and so we wrote our business plan:

2016 – Talk about beer
2017 – Build a brewery
2018 – Brew beer
2019 – Sell up or carry on



John Johnston bought the “brewer’s share” and we set about training him – visiting breweries, trialing recipes, designing labels – and we are now producing our core range of three ales.




So here we are and you can judge for yourself how well we’ve done.

(PS we think we will carry on!)